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Whether your law firm operates on a contingency fee model or not, managing your finances and cash flow is vital. This is where you’ll find articles and case studies to help.



Leveraging Case Inventory to Pursue a $52 Million Settlement for a Client

For personal injury law firm, Laffey, Bucci & Kent, leveraging case inventory proved to be a game changer in securing a $52 million settlement for a client. Watch the video.

Financing Firm Case Costs Doubled SAM’s Size, Client Base & Revenue

For Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, financing firm case costs through Esquire Bank lifted the burden of self-financing and freed up capital to invest in law firm growth. Watch the video.

Moving Away from Self-Financing & Traditional Bank Restrictions

For years, Kreindler & Kreindler was frustrated by the failure of traditional banks to consider the firm’s case inventory or settlement history. Watch this 4-minute video.

Why You Shouldn’t Be a Lawyer and a Lender

Many law firms unintentionally hamper their ability to grow through the practice of self-financing their case costs, using their earnings from previous cases to pay for current cases.

9 Easy Steps to Acquiring a Case Cost Line of Credit

A case cost line of credit provides qualifying contingency fee law firms with access to funds to cover out-of-pocket expenses for the duration of a lawsuit by using their case inventory as collateral.

The Added Value of Case Cost Financing for Both You and Your Client

Case cost financing arms law firms with the same war chest that well-funded corporate goliaths come to court with.

The 3 Greatest Advantages to Using Credit to Fund Growth

The irregular peaks and valleys of the contingency fee business can be devastating when combined with unexpected economic downturns.

Thriving Through the Pandemic: Prepare for the Worst, but Hope for the Best

Law firms who had dry powder in the form of a working capital line of credit going into the pandemic were able to continue to support their staff through court closures and case delays.

Case Cost Lines of Credit for the Legal Industry

Smart money firms are switching to a case cost model to transform their capital into potential and unleash a surge of growth.

Long-Term Financial Planning for Trial Lawyers

Join Ari Kornhaber (Esquire Bank) and Sean Flaherty (Keches Law Group) in an insightful discussion on ensuring financial stability.

How Your Law Firm Can Thrive, Not Just Survive After COVID-19

Covid-19 has left many firms feeling uncertain about the future. Now, seize the opportunity to bounce back even higher than before.

How Contingency Fee Law Firms Are Handling Case Costs

Whether you’re self-financed or not, the challenge of how to handle your case costs is more relevant than ever.

Balancing Law Firm Cash Flow and Financial Needs: John Gomez

Learn how Gomez Trial Attorneys overcame the ups and downs of cash flow related to contingency fee litigation, by balancing the firm's financial needs through case cost financing.

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