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Client intake is a crucial part of a law firm’s business. With the right skills, technology and process, client intake can become an instant source of client satisfaction. Discover all the resources you need here.



5 Key Areas for Building An Optimal Intake Team

There are five key areas you should focus on when building an optimal intake team for your contingency fee law firm. Read this blog to learn more.

First Impressions: Creating the Right Customer Experience from Intake

The growth of your contingency fee law firm often hinges on how you manage the initial stages of the customer experience. Learn more by reading this blog about the importance of first impressions for law firm case intake.

Cultivating an Exceptional Intake Culture: A Winning Strategy for Law Firms

Cultivating an exceptional intake culture is essential for the success of personal injury law firms -- one that involves providing ongoing training, knowledgeable team members, friendly and empathetic interactions, and responsive and efficient service. To learn more, read this informative blog featuring insights from Vista Consulting.

5 Keys to Maximizing Intake Conversions for Law Firms

The backbone of every personal injury law firm lies in the strength of its intake department. Read this blog to learn how to optimize the process for turning intakes into conversions for your law firm.

Building a Successful Intake Department: Best Practices for Case Intake

The lifeblood of personal injury law firms is the intake department – learn best practices for how to build a successful intake department. Read this blog featuring insights from Vista Consulting.

How to Measure Law Firm Case Intake Effectiveness: 3 Key Metrics

For contingency fee law firms, there are three key metrics to measure the effectiveness of your law firm case intake. Watch this video featuring Tim McKey, CEO of Vista Consulting for important insights.

Assessing Law Firm Growth: Discerning the Signs

Assessing law firm growth can be challenging. Knowing how to recognize growth pains and discern when it’s time to build out the operations of a law firm is key. Watch this video featuring Tim McKey, CEO at Vista Consulting.

Increasing Competition Makes the Effects of Losing a Potential Client Hit Law Firms Harder

Increasing competition can make losing a potential client hit harder. Each lost case eventually ends up in the hands of another law firm. Watch this video featuring Chad Dudley and Gary Falkowitz.

4 Successful Traits of High Performing Law Firms

To flourish in a legal industry underpinned by law firm consolidation and increased competition trends, there are four successful traits of high performing law firms you should consider.

How to Contact, Screen, and Qualify a Lead

Times have changed and chasing prospective clients today require immediate contact and persistence. If your firm isn't contacting your web leads within 1 to 2 minutes of initial inquiry, you're losing the game. Watch this video featuring Gary Falkowitz.

Bold Moves: How Client Experience Affects Case Acquisition

Improving your client experience will lead to a higher rate of case acquisition. But how do you make your clients happy at the intake phase? Watch this video featuring Peter Webb of Scorpion.

Bold Moves: How Many Intake Specialists Should You Employ?

When it comes to employing intake specialists for your law firm, is there a magic number?

Bold Moves: The Importance of an Effective Intake Strategy

Are you overlooking the importance that intake plays in the growth of your law firm? Glen Lerner and Ari Kornhaber discuss.

Bold Moves: Improving the Quality and Quantity of Your Intakes

Potential clients consume media across a spectrum of outlets and devices. Sticking to traditional methods of case acquisition could leave you behind.

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