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From case intake to case management systems, from data analytics to case outcome forecasting, law firms are embracing digital technologies and solutions to build brand visibility, improve operational efficiency, grow business, expand into new practices, and improve client services.



Keeping Pace with Legal Tech: Don’t Let Your Firm Fall Behind

If you aren't keeping pace with legal tech, your firm could soon fall behind your competition. Read this blog to learn how to embrace technology for your firm.

Modernizing Your Law Firm Through Technology

As tech-savvy clients have migrated online, modernizing your law firm through technology is essential to avoid losing potential clients. Read Part 6 of our blog series "How Can Your Firm Experience Growth".

Embracing Law Firm Technology: Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

In today's competitive landscape, attorneys need to embrace law firm technology. Firms that don't keep pace will risk becoming obsolete. Watch the 3-minute video to learn more.

Legal Technology: Forecasting Case Value, Outcomes and Firm Performance

Case timelines are often challenging, but legal technology can empower attorneys by forecasting case value, outcomes, and firm performance. Watch the 3-minute video.

Case Management Systems: Informing Your Law Firm Business Strategy

Informing law firm business strategy through accurate data and performance insights is essential for effective case management systems. Watch the 3-minute video.

Using Law Firm Technology to Maximize Case Value

Law firm technology can increase profitability and case value by providing valuable insights on attorney performance, case duration and outcome trends. Watch this video featuring Dov Slanksky, vice president of Strategy and Innovation at Litify

4 Keys to Leveraging Technology for Law Firm Growth

To succeed in today’s competitive legal space, contingency fee law firms need to embrace using available capital to leverage technology for law firm growth.

What Are the 3 Benefits of Implementing Client Communications Technology

When it comes to managing client relationships, there are three essential benefits to implementing client communications technology. Learn more by watching this 4-minute video.

Why Law Firm Client Communications Technology is Essential for Trial Lawyers

In today’s fast-paced, digital-driven world, client communications technology is essential for trial lawyers. Learn more by watching this 4-minute video.

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