How Trial Lawyers Can Effectively Fund the Fight for Justice

In this blog, we feature insights into how trial attorneys can fund the fight for justice through smart financing strategies and alliances with strategic banking partners.

Facing the Realities in the Fight for Justice

Fighting for justice, defending the everyday individual from corporate goliaths, and winning. This is every trial lawyer’s vision for their private practice. But soon, the nitty-gritty realities of running a law firm as a business will force owners to take off their rose-colored glasses.

After the initial excitement of starting a business wears off, many small to medium-sized law firm owners find themselves floundering. Month after month, they reinvest case fees back into the business to pay for ballooning case costs, marketing, rent, salaries, and a multitude of other expenses. There never seems to be enough money to invest in big cases and fight off adversaries with deep pockets.

The unfortunate reality of attaining justice for clients is that it is expensive, and matching opponents dollar for dollar isn’t something many firms can do alone. In order to finance big cases law firm owners will seek financing, and most will turn to their current banking partner. However, institutional banks don’t see the inherent value in a contingency fee firm’s case inventory because they don’t have the expertise to value it nor the authority to lend against it.

Funding the Fight for Justice

Founded by trial lawyers, Esquire Bank was created specifically to address this pain point. Staffed by attorneys who understand the contingency fee business model, Esquire Bank has the expertise to value a firm’s case inventory and the authority to lend against it.

Contingency fee law firms with solid cases and impeccable track records are great candidates for a Case Cost Line of Credit. Case cost financing can free up a firm’s cash flow, providing liquidity for other growth projects such as large marketing campaigns or technology upgrades. No matter the size of the law firm, Esquire Bank is committed to working with each owner to customize a bespoke financial product that’s right for their firm and their vision for growth.

The fight for justice may be long and arduous but funding it doesn’t have to be. Partnering with a bank that intimately understands both your business and your industry can be even more advantageous than simply taking out a loan. Esquire Bank has worked with the legal industry’s top law firms, helping them achieve their growth goals and beyond.

Discover how leading contingency fee law firms have attained justice for their clients through flexible, financing solutions from Esquire Bank. To learn more, watch the video above from Esquire Bank’s award-winning clients.

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The information provided in this blog is provided for general informational purposes only. Some of the information may not be applicable or appropriate for all law firms.

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