Leveraging the Value of Your Case Inventory to Expand Law Firm Operations

Discontent with the myopic view of traditional banks who only wanted to assess his law firm’s past performance, Michael Duffy — Managing Partner of Duffy & Duffy — wanted a financial partner who shared his vision and ambition for future growth.

With Esquire Bank, he found a partner who not only looked at where his firm had been, but also where it was going. They meticulously evaluated the firm’s cases, understood that these cases would produce a predictable future income, and took that into account when valuing the firm’s business for financing options.


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Invest Your Personal Wealth Freely in 2022

Noah Kushlefsky, of Kreindler and Kreindler discusses his experiences with Esquire Bank and the advantages that come with partnering with a lender that truly understands the legal practice.


Law Firm Growth Through Smarter Financing Strategies

Watch this video as Martin Edelman, of Edelman and Edelman, explains how he switched from receiving 'crushing' interest rates from litigation funding companies to Esquire Bank.


Focus on Litigating for Your Client Instead of Being Their Lender

The practice of self-funding case expenses for your clients can cripple your ability to invest in your business and grow your firm.

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