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In the competitive landscape of contingency fee law firms, sustainable law firm growth requires more than just legal expertise. It often requires making strategic business decisions that shape your law firm’s future—taking an innovative approach, treating the firm not just as a legal practice but as a dynamic business entity.

In this blog, we will explore game-changing insights shared by Jesse Bernheim, founder and CEO of Florida-based contingency fee law firm, Bernheim Kelley Battista, LLC, for running his firm as a business. He also explains how partnering with Esquire Bank provided the capital injection needed for strategic growth.

The Challenges Faced by Trial Lawyers

Trial lawyers navigate a complex legal landscape, where they must not only fight for justice on behalf of their clients but also manage the business aspects of their law firm. In grappling with the business end of running a law firm, Jesse Bernheim shares a candid insight, “Running a law firm is not just about being a good lawyer. It’s about treating your law firm as a business and making strategic decisions to drive growth and sustainability.”

Jesse draws a powerful parallel between managing a law firm and the ongoing process of home improvement, emphasizing an active, hands-on approach. “I’m always making strategic changes towards the goal of just constant improvement,” Jesse asserts, signaling a relentless drive for excellence that ensures his firm is unrivaled in its commitment to clients.

Jesse also acknowledges the steep uphill battle his firm faces constantly against well-funded opposition. “The biggest challenge in fighting for justice,” he reflects, “is that you’re up against highly educated, skilled teams with deep pockets pursuing goals diametrically opposed to yours… it’s a constant battle.” This frank admission underscores the tenacity required in such David vs. Goliath scenarios.

Why Financial Flexibility and Access to Lines of Credit is Critical

As a leader of a successful contingency fee law firm, Jesse Bernheim stresses the importance of financial flexibility and access to lines of credit to fuel sustainable law firm growth. Contingency fee law firms often face unpredictable cash flow due to the nature of their work. Having the ability to free up cash flow through case cost financing can provide the necessary resources to invest in key areas such as cases, marketing campaigns, and operations.

“I’m a big believer in whatever business you do, and although we are a law firm, we are still a business. And any business that you do, you need to have lines of credit available to you because you never know when you’re going to need it, “ states Jesse.

Case Cost Financing: Empowering Law Firms to Take on More Cases

Case cost financing is a valuable financing solution that allows contingency fee law firms to cover the expenses associated with litigation, such as court fees, expert witness fees, and investigation costs.

By partnering with a banking institution like Esquire Bank that offers case cost financing, trial lawyers can take on more cases without the burden of tying up capital in upfront costs. This approach ultimately enables the law firm to expand its caseload and make a greater impact in the pursuit of justice for clients.

A case cost line of credit provides law firms with a revolving credit facility specifically designed to cover case-related expenses and disbursements. This flexible financing solution ensures that law firms have the necessary funds readily available whenever they need them.

A working capital line of credit is a lifeline for law firms, providing them with the financial flexibility to invest in key areas of their business. Whether it’s expanding marketing efforts, hiring additional staff, or upgrading technology, a working capital line of credit enables contingency fee law firms to seize growth opportunities and stay ahead in a competitive market.

The Value of Allying with a Strategic Banking Partner

Securing a partnership with Esquire Bank means more than just a financial boost—it’s a strategic alliance. With a deep understanding of the contingency fee law firm business model, Esquire Bank crafts bespoke financing solutions that do more than just meet needs—they propel sustainable law firm growth. By allying with us, your firm gains the leverage to not just grow, but to expand your capacity for justice exponentially.

“I think Esquire Bank provides us with a lot of tools and a lot of services that other banks don’t,” notes Jesse. “I don’t know any other bank like Esquire that has been built to support plaintiff law firms. It has been built to understand and underwrite and provide all the support and services that a plaintiff law firm would need to succeed.”

For more insights, watch the video testimonial above, featuring Jesse Bernheim, founder and CEO of Bernheim Kelley.

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* The information provided on (or accessed through) this blog provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended as, and should not be relied on for, law firm operations, tax, legal or accounting advice. Some of the information may not be applicable or appropriate for all law firms. Please consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors as appropriate. Results may vary by law firm.

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