Fireproof: A Trial Lawyer’s Guide to Overcoming Growth Challenges

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Ari Kornhaber

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Michael Morse

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In this blog, we dive into the journey of  Mike Morse, founder of the largest personal injury firm in Michigan, Mike Morse Law Firm, and author of the book Fireproof, who mastered not just the art of law, but the keys to overcoming growth challenges.

Rapid growth in the legal field often brings as much complexity as opportunity. For contingency fee law firms, success in the courtroom doesn’t always translate into business acumen and savvy. It’s a skillset that many trial lawyers would admit is not taught in law school but is critical for strategic and effective operational management.

Navigating Early Law Firm Growth Pains

Starting out, Mike Morse proved to be agile and skillful in the courtroom, quickly gaining a reputation for his legal prowess. However, the business side of running his personal injury law firm presented a different kind of challenge. Mike soon confronted the harsh realities of business management as his firm’s growth began to outpace his ability to manage it effectively.

“I was a great lawyer,” Mike noted. “I was great at getting business. But I still didn’t know what the heck I was doing when it came to running the business.”

Embracing a Transformational Shift

The pivotal moment in Mike Morse’s career came from an unexpected source — a seminar that would change his perspective on business management entirely. Influenced by speaker Gino Wickman’s insights on organizational traction, Mike recognized the gaps in his own approach: lack of core values, absence of a leadership team, and inadequate processes.

Revamping Operations for Scalable Success

With new knowledge in hand, Mike committed to an overhaul of his firm’s operational framework. He invested in leadership coaching, which laid the groundwork for implementing scalable systems and processes. This strategic pivot was not just about maintaining quality as the firm grew but ensuring every team member from secretaries to attorneys adhered to a unified method of operation.

“I learned slowly how to run a business,” recalled Mike. “All the things that go with data and you know, how to hire properly and how to reward properly, and how to talk to people and manage and how to type up processes so as you grow.”

Overcoming Growth Challenges with Systematic Precision

The transformation was nothing short of revolutionary. Mike Morse Law Firm, previously struggling under the weight of its success, streamlined into an efficient machine capable of sustained law firm growth. The implementation of over a thousand detailed processes meant that the firm could scale without the typical growing pains associated with such rapid expansion.

“I had a coach who taught me everything I needed to know in that one day,” exclaimed Mike. “I had 50% of the burden lifted off my shoulders. I broke through the ceiling. I had 50% more time freed up because of that one meeting. From that day on. I’ve had the same coach for 17 plus years now.”

Mike Morse’s journey from a court-savvy attorney to a business-savvy leader is a compelling model for law firms everywhere. It demonstrates that with the right strategies and a commitment to systematic growth, law firms can not only survive but thrive in the competitive legal market.

Watch the video above, featuring Mike Morse, to gain further insights about how he found the keys to overcoming growth challenges, enabling him to break through barriers and transform his law firm’s business and growth trajectory.

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Mike is the founder of Mike Morse Law Firm, the largest personal injury firm in Michigan. He lectures across the nation on best practices for running and building a successful law firm. Recently, he was named a #1 Amazon best-selling author for his book Fireproof.

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