Streamlining Case Acquisition for Exponential Growth: Atlas Consumer Law

For Illinois based Atlas Consumer Law, streamlining case acquisition by investing in infrastructure and technology resulted in exponential growth that has doubled the law firm’s practice – producing the most consumer protection claims in the United States from 2016 to 2020.

By allying with Esquire Bank, Atlas Consumer Law found a strategic partner who understood the unique business model of contingency fee litigation and would provide access to flexible lines of credit to fund case costs, enabling the law firm to make advances in business operations and technology.

“Prior to working with Esquire Bank, we only grew as fast as we were able to finance that growth internally,” noted Ahmad Sulaiman, managing partner, Atlas Consumer Law. “For a long period of time there, it was very slow and steady growth.”

Investing in Building a High-Tech Call Center

When Atlas Consumer Law partnered with Esquire Bank in 2018, the law firm used the bank’s credit facilities to establish a hi-tech, industry-leading intake call center – streamlining case acquisitions and enabling the law firm to manage the increasing volume of consumer protection case inquiries.

“With Esquire Bank’s help, we’ve managed to double our practice,” emphasized John Mickalovski, Director of Operations, Atlas Consumer Law. “We’ve gone from 5 states to 17 states and the quantity of cases that we’re filing on a month over month basis has increased more than 100 percent.”

Watch this 3-minute video to learn more about how Atlas Consumer Law leveraged Esquire Bank’s financing solutions to streamline case acquisitions and become the largest consumer filer of claims in the country.

Learn How to Build A Successful Intake Department

Read this informative blog about Building a Successful Intake Department.

Meet with Esquire Bank

Whether your goal is investing in growth, expanding your practice, or improving your cash flow, understanding your case inventory is an important valuation for your firm. Leveraging your firm’s case inventory to finance case disbursements can allow you the flexibility and liquidity to pivot your focus to investing in digital marketing, technology, and staff, and ultimately build case value for your clients.

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