Maximizing Your Law Firm’s Marketing Reach

Maximizing Your Law Firm’s Marketing Reach

In this blog, we focus on the keys to maximizing your law firm’s marketing reach.

Even during market instability and challenging times, marketing is key to maintaining an online presence and strengthening your brand to help your firm become a recognized leader. Some channels are more effective – and cost less; you will get greater visibility using these growth channels that are still escalating with intensity. This is especially true with investments in digital marketing continuing to skyrocket.

With the right digital marketing strategies and implementation, your firm can become a force to be reckoned with across online channels. In fact, digital is already outpacing traditional marketing like billboards and print display advertising.

One of these digital marketing strategies involves telling your brand story to establish rapport with your audience. Two critical pieces of your marketing and brand story are your:

  • Key differentiator – What sets your firm apart from others?
  • Believable brand promise – What is your unique selling proposition?

In the best-case scenario, your key differentiator is your brand promise, one that customers know and have put their trust in. No matter what element you choose to focus on as your brand promise—successful track record, the compassion and empathy of your team—you must articulate it clearly and maintain it with consistency. As customers experience this promise, it will become ingrained in both your firm’s culture and in your brand recognition.

Brand Strategy that Leads to Success

Getting your brand strategy right and calculating how much to invest in digital can be tricky even for the savviest firms. But it’s vital to carry your key differentiator and brand promise into the world of digital, to lead clients to your digital marketing tools.

Another key strategy for digital marketing includes creating content that is both relevant and relatable to clients. Whether you are writing educational blogs or case stories, consider the client experience first and pay attention to what they want from your firm. Creating this content will establish your firm in places clients go to find law firms. It will also create a strong thought leadership platform on search engines (which will rank your firm higher), social media, and review sites.

Accessing Capital

Investing in digital marketing requires you to have access to capital, which may not be quick or easy to come by – especially if your funding is tied up in case costs. That money is supporting your law firm but not working to grow your business. However, you can gain access to critical capital assets by financing your case costs to free up cash. Armed with this capital, you can invest in digital marketing, technology, new talent, or other key expenditures your firm needs to scale growth.

This bold strategy—leveraging debt to finance case costs and unlock capital for reinvestment in the firm’s growth strategies—can lead to exponential growth that puts you well ahead of your competitors for a long time to come.

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Now that you know the keys to maximizing your law firm’s marketing reach, read our eBook about the Five Bold Strategies your firm can use to make it through a tough market and come through in a stronger position.


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