Modernizing Your Law Firm Through Technology

Modernizing Your Law Firm Through Technology

In Part 6 of our blog series “How Can Your Firm Experience Growth”, we discuss the importance of modernizing your law firm through technology.

Only a decade ago, many law firms were still paper based. However, as tech-savvy clients migrated online, law firms began to take their operations online in order to maintain connections and move forward.

Today, contingency fee law firms face the choice of moving forward with technology or being left behind. And this digitization touches every part of a law firm’s operations, from incoming phone calls to case management and projected revenues.

At Atlas Consumer Law, moving to more sophisticated legal technology and solutions has been a significant energizer for everything related to the firm’s business—branding and visibility, reach across geographies, and increasing market share.

The firm’s Director of Operations, John Mickalovski, notes that “Having the capital…helped us build an entire call center, but also expand our practice and really fund our firm’s infrastructure, technology wise. Those three things have managed to increase our firm’s digital footprint.” Thanks to the investment in technology and intake operations, the law firm also experienced significant case growth—they are now the largest consumer filer of claims in the entire U.S.

Forward-Looking Legal Technology

Succeeding boldly absolutely requires a commitment to keeping up with technology that is present-perfect and forward-looking.

Case Intake and Management – Foundational to Growing Firms

At the beginning, most law firms build their firm’s business one case at a time. As the firm experiences early success and case volume increases, the law firm’s owner soon recognizes the need for a system and process to capture, track, and manage cases from intake to settlement.

A case management system is the backbone of any firm’s litigation process. This system will inform you in an instant about how your law firm looks now and what the trendlines are for future growth. A robust case management system enables you to brainstorm scenarios, ensure the firm’s use of best practices by automating them, and allocate your capital to the places that will help your firm be most competitive – all thanks to technology systems and enhancements that set you up to fuel bold success.

Forward-looking, legal technology is an ongoing process that requires you to continue monitoring what best practices firms are using, what solutions are available in the market, and what your firm needs to help scale law firm growth and support sustained success.

How Did They Do it?

Want to read more about how Atlas Consumer Law achieved bold growth through a case cost line of credit, and learn how your firm can capture new opportunities?


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