Fireproof: How Trial Lawyers Can Turn Setbacks Into Opportunities

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Ari Kornhaber

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Michael Morse

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In this blog, we focus on the journey of  Mike Morse, founder of the largest personal injury firm in Michigan, Mike Morse Law Firm, and best-selling author of the book Fireproof, who outlines how his experiences and resilience helped him to view and turn setbacks into opportunities.

Embracing the Power of Resilience

Setbacks and adversity are inevitable whether you’re running a law firm or any business. The key is having the right mindset and team in place to turn those challenges into growth opportunities.

Mike Morse has faced plenty of adversity throughout his life — from a difficult upbringing with divorced parents to dealing with his father’s death during his first year of law school. His approach has always been to look at problems as something to “survive” and opportunities to learn and grow – a perspective and resilience that has shaped him into the leader he is today.

Teaming Up to Overcome Adversity and Turn Setbacks into Opportunities

When facing issues at his firm, Mike doesn’t go it alone. This powerful realization came to him after years of trying to juggle all aspects of his growing firm single-handedly.

He has built a leadership team of 14 smart, loyal people that he leans on and trusts in. Every week they meet to discuss problems, with someone taking the lead to find a solution. Mike knows he can’t be the visionary, integrator, manager, and everything else all by himself if he wants to take his firm to the next level. Too many lawyers try to do it all themselves – bringing in all the clients, managing employees, handling operations. As Mike points out, he sees lawyers making $10 million per year with 20 employees but doing every single job and task. In his view, it’s no wonder they can’t get anything done, bring home much profit, or have any quality of life.

The more effective approach for the long term is building a strong leadership team where you can delegate based on people’s strengths and roles. When a problem arises, you don’t just put your head down and power through it alone. You bring it to your team, assign it to the best person to own it, and work through the solution together. By delegating and leaning on his team, Mike can step back from handling every single fire himself. His teammates can take ownership over resolving issues while he can focus more on his strengths of being the visionary, scaling the business, attaining just settlements for his clients.

Systematic Approach to Problem-Solving

Regular, strategic meetings and a commitment to core values have become the backbone of Mike’s firm operations. These meetings are not just about oversight; they’re about empowering his team to tackle issues head-on and lead initiatives. This shift not only decentralized problem-solving but also instilled a proactive mindset across all levels of the firm.

Leveraging the Power of Delegation

Trying to do everything yourself may work for a little while through sheer willpower and long hours. But it will quickly lead to burnout, mistakes, bottlenecks, and severely limit your firm’s ability to grow and seize opportunities. The smartest lawyers build strong teams and learn to delegate based on people’s roles and strengths. They turn setbacks into opportunities by leveraging their team’s collective knowledge, experiences, and responsibilities to find solutions — rather than grinding through countless problems alone.

Watch the video above, featuring Mike Morse, to learn about the power of resilience, team strength, and systematic problem-solving in overcoming challenges.


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Mike is the founder of Mike Morse Law Firm, the largest personal injury firm in Michigan. He lectures across the nation on best practices for running and building a successful law firm. Recently, he was named a #1 Amazon best-selling author for his book Fireproof.

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