From Recession to Rebound: Growing Your Law Firm in Economic Uncertainty

From Recession to Rebound: Growing Your Law Firm in Economic Uncertainty

In this blog, we focus on five areas of strategic focus for growing your law firm.

Overcoming Economic Uncertainty

Things can change quickly in the current world economy, and the most resilient contingency fee law firms are always looking ahead and planning to sustain their business and move forward even in uncertain times.

Markets recover, though, and smart law firm leaders understand how to leverage new opportunities and use their resilient planning to keep growing at pace and scale.

Whether your firm is young and poised to grow market share, a mid-level firm staying comfortable while planning future growth, or an established law firm looking to build marketing efforts, technology, and operations, or expand into new geographic or practice areas, you need to learn these five bold strategies that are proven to help capture opportunities in the market and move your firm forward.

5 Bold Strategies ATOMIZATION eBook

Our experts have surfaced five areas of strategic focus and actionable best practices across the entire contingency fee law firm business workflow – from lead generation and intake to client experience, litigation, and accounting.

5 Key Areas of Strategic Focus for Growing Your Law Firm

  • Marketing: Maximizing your brand with a strong and consistent brand promise and moving your marketing to digital can help your firm build its name recognition and competitive edge quickly and across many channels.
  • Intake: Optimizing the customer experience can set your firm apart as one that puts the customer experience first. Reexamine and retool your processes to make those experiences more meaningful and to deliver on your brand promise.
  • Technology: When planning for a plateau that will end when markets take off again, it’s integral to establish a thoughtful technology strategy that embraces tools available to drive engagement, streamline the client experience, and fuel exponential growth.
  • Accounting: When you need to be engaging clients, having accounting support is essential. You can offload the stress of managing finances and put a full-time financial expert in the right place in your firm when it is needed most.
  • Finance: Firming up your financial operations to leverage case cost financing is critical to unlocking capital that has been tied up in case resources and experts; good financial management will smooth out your cash flow until the markets recover.

Each of these areas of strategic focus requires smart investment of time and finances to create and leverage opportunities. They also require allying with a strategic banking partner who understands your unique business model and can provide flexible solutions for law firm financing. Investing in these strategies will not only set you up for success in growing your firm, it will also enable you to continue doing business and making bold decisions during times of uncertainty.

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Looking to Learn More About Law Firm Growth Strategies?

Now that you’ve read about the importance of taking a forward-looking approach to growing your law firm, download the eBook “5 Bold Strategies to Grow Your Contingency Fee Law Firm” to get your hands on our top strategies for achieving exponential growth.



* The information provided on (or accessed through) this blog is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended as, and should not be relied on for, law firm operations, tax, legal or accounting advice. Some of the information may not be applicable to or appropriate for all law firms. Please consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors as appropriate. Results may vary by law firm.

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