Prepare, Plan, and Proactively Manage Your Firm’s Finances for Success

Ari Kornhaber

Ari Kornhaber

EVP & Head of Corporate Development  at Esquire Bank

The key to thriving in a post-pandemic landscape lies in the ‘Three P’s’ of law firm finances: Preparation of financial forecasts, Planning for intakes and cash flow disruptions, and Proactively managing case inventory.

As the market for legal representation heats up, law firms with the liquidity to invest in growing intakes, update infrastructure to better serve today’s clients, and implement advanced case management systems are pulling ahead of the field. In order to ensure liquidity and be in a cash-rich position for investment in growth, law firms need to have rigorous financial forecasts and the ability to tap into large cash reserves at the drop of a hat.

Watch Ari Kornhaber (EVP & Head of Corporate Development, Esquire Bank) as he outlines how the use of smart lending can help you prepare, plan, and proactively manage your firm’s finances for success.

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