Partnering for Nationwide Law Firm Growth: Lerner & Rowe

The pathway to nationwide law firm growth is rife with challenges, setbacks and adversities. To overcome these obstacles, it takes perseverance, commitment and a fighting spirit. It also requires alliances with strategic banking partnerships. For Lerner & Rowe Injury Attorneys, a combination of all these factors came to bear in bringing bold success to the law firm.

Growing up on welfare with his father incarcerated, Glen Lerner, founding partner of Lerner & Rowe Injury Attorneys, experienced the harsh realities of the legal system first-hand. He became an advocate for the “little guy”, focusing his time and energy into fighting Big Insurance to attain justice for his clients. “Growing up on welfare, I just saw a different side of the world, ” recalled Glen Lerner. “Something that separated me from a lot of other attorneys, because of the way I grew up. I’m a tough dude. I’m a fighter,” he added.

For the majority of his 31 years practicing law, Glen Lerner self-funded his litigation and case costs. “We were able to build this business,” noted Glen Lerner. “We did it from our own money. We started with nothing and we kept putting every cent back into the business,” he further noted.

However, looking back on the capital that was tied up in litigation and case costs, Glen Lerner realizes that money was “dead money”, since it could have been invested into growth initiatives. Since partnering with Esquire Bank and financing case costs, Glen Lerner has been able to boldly pursue mass tort cases and grow his firm nationwide, opening offices from coast to coast.

Importantly, Lerner & Rowe Injury Attorneys has recovered close to $800 million for its clients in the last four years alone1. But for Glen Lerner, his business with Esquire Bank is not purely transactional. What he values most about this partnership is that Esquire Bank understands the business model of Personal Injury law firms – valuing his contingent case inventory, using it as collateral, and facilitating business relationships that are important to the growth of his law firm.

For many contingency fee law firm owners, the ability to self-finance their practice is a point of pride, but many don’t recognize the opportunity cost of tying up these dollars in case expenses. That money could be invested towards marketing, hiring, or upgrading the law firm’s processes, making it more efficient and more profitable.

Learn more about how Glen Lerner and his firm, Lerner & Rowe Injury Attorneys, partnered with Esquire Bank to fuel nationwide law firm growth. Click above to watch the 4-minute video.

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1 Results may vary by law firm.

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