How Your Law Firm Can Thrive, Not Just Survive After COVID-19

Part 1 of a 3-part series around contingency fee law firms and being financially prepared throughout and beyond the pandemic. NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL As a result of the health care and economic crisis, law firms must prepare today for their financial future.  Prudent cash flow management strategies beyond the government’s Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) is paramount in today’s economic climate. Unlike previous recessions, the legal industry will most likely be negatively affected during this current recession, impacting law ...

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The Added Value of Case Cost Financing for Both You and Your Client

Case cost financing arms law firms with the same war chest that well-funded corporate goliaths come to court with.


The 3 Greatest Advantages to Using Credit to Fund Growth

The irregular peaks and valleys of the contingency fee business can be devastating when combined with unexpected economic downturns.


Thriving Through the Pandemic: Prepare for the Worst, but Hope for the Best

Law firms who had dry powder in the form of a working capital line of credit going into the pandemic were able to continue to support their staff through court closures and case delays.

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